A New Era in Sustainable Office Furniture

June 22, 2023


HON and Sustainability

SVS is a leading supplier in office furniture. From our mission statement, “We believe in quality and dependability. We strive to offer products from quality manufacturers at competitive prices to provide our customers with everything they need.”

As an industry leader, we also believe it is our responsibility to protect the environment and offer products manufactured in a sustainable way. One manufacturer aligning with our vision of eco-friendly and sustainable office furniture is HON©

In their words:

“Environmental efforts are ingrained in HON’s culture, and we strive to create products that help our customers confidently meet their own greener goals while bringing a feel of the outdoors into their spaces as well.”

HON is becoming recognized for their efforts to provide sustainable products without compromising form and function. Newsweek recently ranked HNI (HON’s parent company) as among the most responsible companies in the country. 

When you are designing your workplace, you can trust the SVS is one step ahead of the game by offering products to meet your every need while also maintaining a high standard for products sourced and built with the environment in mind. 

For more information on SVS and HON products, please see our online catalog.