Silicon Valley Shelving, Bay Area Warehouse & Office Planning & Design

Silicon Valley Shelving Inc. understands the importance of creating functional and affordable spaces for offices. Since our company started in 1987, we saw the growing needs of many businesses when it comes to material handling, storage products, industrial shelving and office furniture. Along with the materials, most offices also require assistance when it comes to other service needs such as project planning, relocation, disassembly and re-assembly.

Planning and Design

  • Warehouse utilization and efficiencies – Get to know which materials and storage shelving are most efficient according to your warehouse. This helps your company save space and make business more manageable.
  • Ergonomics, safety and productivity – We can help you choose the right ergonomically correct products. Furniture that is ergonomic helps promote worker’s safety and productivity.
  • Product choices to fit your needs – whether you are looking for regular office furniture or industrial shelving for a warehouse, we can tailor our services for optimum results.

Permit Acquisition

One of the many difficulties businesses have is getting the necessary permits to start area construction. Whether for a whole warehouse or a simple shelving need, we can provide services to make the process so much easier.

  • Engineered drawings for permit process
  • 3rd party to interact with building and fire departments 

Layout and Engineering

We also offer services to help you with your layout and engineering needs. Using top technology, Silicon Valley Shelving works hard to meet your business’ requirements.

  • Latest CAD Technology Drawings
  • Furniture CAD Drawings
  • Contractor interaction on your behalf
  • Seismic Engineering to meet current standards 

Delivery and Installation

To complete our services we provide delivery and installation of industrial shelving, office furniture and other business necessities.

  • On-time delivery
  • Custom shipping
  • Safe and reliable installation