Why should you become an SVS Sales Partner?

Whether you’re a sales professional looking to gain full independence or an owner of an existing small business looking for someone to help simplify the financing and administrative tasks of running a business - SVS is where you belong.

What is the SVS Sales Partner program?

Our Sales Partner Program is an opportunity for sales professionals and business owners to manage their own business while taking advantage of the benefits and support that SVS provides. Our Sales Partner Program has Sales Partners who combine their knowledge and expertise with our administrative, financial and technological support to provide the widest array of product solutions at competitive pricing backed up by local service. Become an SVS Sales Partner and focus on what you do best - sales, solutions and personalized service!

Why Join the SVS Partner Program?

As an SVS Sales Partner you’re free to focus on sales, marketing and customer service - the keys to growing your customer base. Partners are not managed - they set their own schedule, pricing and customer discounts with the help of a full support staff. Partners enjoy freedom, support and the advantages that come from being with a large distributor but also have complete independence of what products to sell and when to sell them. SVS provides a very aggressive commission program to guarantee your success. Please contact Chris Maudru @ (800) 562-7800 or for more details.

SVS is a family of experienced, knowledgeable people striving to provide quality products, solutions, and unsurpassed service to meet the material handling and storage needs of our customers.

To support our sales force, we have continued to hire and train a group of administrative employees who not only get along well with one another, but who also understand the true nature of sales and the importance of customer service. We all recognize that if we don’t serve the customer, someone else will!

In addition to providing an opportunity for our salespeople to make a substantial amount of money, we have built a financial base, which keeps our vendors performing to our level of satisfaction, as we perform to their expectations.

Quality not Quantity hiring of Sales Partners has always been our goal and business plan. Quality Sales Partners give quality service and help maintain our company high standards:

SVS means Service, Value, Satisfaction

With our plans for continued growth, we will continue to strive to serve the customer better than anyone else, and continue to make SVS the BEST place to work!