Benefits of warehouse shelving

July 10, 2013

When you think about office organization I'm sure a lot of things come to your mind: desks, stackable in/out boxes, penholders, filing cabinets, etc.  All of these things are essential to most work places.  Something I bet you didn't think of related to commercial office furniture is shelving.  Unless the space you've moved into already has them, you most likely would not think to add them yourself but I'm sure you will end up using the top of your filing cabinet as one! Instead of doing that, why not look into the variety of commercial office furniture SVSEQ has to offer! Putting up shelves can maximize your office space because you don't have to worry about using up your floor space.  It doesn't matter what type of business you are running, shelves can be very handy.  Inside an office, shelves can be used in addition to, or in place of, bookshelves.  Taking up wall space leaves a more open floor plan and will add dimension to your office as well. Warehouse shelves can keep a shop very organized.  Most warehouses use up a lot of their space with heavy equipment and machinery.  Adding shelving to store things, especially if you label them, will make your warehouse easier to navigate for your employees, which could also increase efficiency.  The heavy duty brackets that you can purchase to mount warehouse shelves will ensure that you can place tools, equipment and other miscellaneous hardware items on them without having to worry about the shelf being under too much stress.  (Within reason, of course!) Laboratories are another place industrial metal shelving would be an asset to have.  Depending on what type of lab you are running or working in, there are several reasons a reliable metal shelf would make your life easier.  Metal is not porous so it would be easier to clean if there were spills.  Metal is also easier to keep sterile and would be ideal in holding the weight of laboratory equipment. If temperature is a factor in the lab work you are doing keep in mind that metal can be heated and cooled.  Wood cannot be cooled down and, when heated, tends to burn! Heavy-duty storage racks are great for storing specimens as well. If you don't work in a warehouse or laboratory, don't let the word "warehouse" deter you.  SVSEQ can also help outfit your front office as well!  The quality of shelving offered will ensure that once you have them mounted you can use your imagination to improve your office's organization as well as personalization.  Putting commonly used resources on a shelf allows them to be easily accessible to you and anyone else that may need it.  Shelves are also good for displaying achievements, business licensing that should be conspicuously placed and even advertising.  Shelving is generally mounted where things are within reach and at eye level.  The placement of a shelf is convenient because you can draw a person's attention there quickly and for use, you don't have to worry about hovering over a drawer or kneeling down to find something. SVSEQ has a variety of commercial office furniture that can accommodate any type of business.  Their warehouse shelves, heavy-duty storage racks, industrial shelving units in addition to various other commercial accessories would be a beneficial addition to your office to increase organization, productivity and add a clean style to your company.