Berner Air Curtains

October 21, 2020

air curtain

There is more to an air curtain than you might think. There are a variety of models, with a vast array of applications for residential and industrial use. Most of us haven't even heard of an air curtain. 

Here at SVSEQ we carry the industry leading line of air curtains produced by Berner, one of our leading clients. 

The basic concept of the air curtain is to maintain stability between two environments, or seal off a certain environment for a variety of reasons which we will get into momentarily. 

Just to get us oriented, lets look at two basic usages. One, a doorway from outside to inside in a medical clinic. It might be snowing outside, and we wouldn't want all this cold rushing in with every visitor. So we create a doorway which limits the airflow, and perhaps add a heater or air filter. 

Another application might be a storage freezer in a restaurant where it is not desirable to expose employees and customers to the cold air. So we create an air curtain to limit exposure. 

But this is just the start. The term "air curtain" in and of itself represents a wide variety of products, applications and technologies. So let's run down the list and explain each on briefly, and provide links for you to explore Berner's industry leading products. 


These producs provide thermal control and insect control when asthetics matter. These might be applied to a home, or office space. The unit itself is easily installed over a doorway, to match the design and decor of the space. There are multiple styles and looks to choose from. Check them out. 


This is more of a behind the scenes air curtain when aesthetics matter less, and perhaps more power is required. Think back end restaurant, or warehouse, etc. These are still built with the highest quality, and not as concerned with matching design. You can look here.


These products are designed to keeps spaces sanitary. This might include a focus on keeping insects out, or if there is hazardous material in the work flow. More here


Bigger and stronger. These are made for large entries outdoors to in for warehouses, trucks and forklifts. These have an increased ability to keep flying insects out of the space. Find out more


These are build for spaces where dust and hazardous gases may be produced. The purposse is to keep the air and temperature clean and stabalized, and keep flying insects out. Check them out


These are strips and keep the warm air out, and cold air in while works go in and out for food or medical storage. Find out more. 

SVSEQ is in industry leader in air curtains, have a wellspring of inventory your every residential, or industrial need. Please contact us for more information.