Cal Ergonomics Workshop : July 27, 2017

July 13, 2017


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Speakers: Vivienne Fleischer & Lori Babcock

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President & Co-Founder of Performance Based Ergonomics
PBE's Ergonomics Program Manager

Do you get requests for Sit/Stand desks? Not sure what your policy should be? 
Are Sit/Stand desks already a standard but you are not sure if your employees are using them the right way? 

Some experts assert that too much standing can lead to back, leg and foot issues, yet others tout studies which proclaim that too much sitting cuts years off our lives!! So, who’s right, and what’s the best thing to do? Sit? Stand? 

Don't miss this informative workshop to help you make the best decision for your organization!

Our workshop will include:
1) The 5 essential questions to ask before giving someone a sit/stand desk. 

2) What the most effective policies are for providing sit/stand desks. 

3) Ergo Tips & best practices to share with your employees get the most out of their sit/stand desks. 

4) What to do when providing sit/stand desks isn't a financial reality. 

5) What the latest studies tell us about sit/stand desks.

Speaker Bios:

Vivienne Fleischer, President and Co-Founder is passionate about wellness! A concert pianist turned ergonomist (but she does still play) she’s on this crazy mission to “save the hands of the world” while helping people to stave off injuries, take charge of their health and feel their best! Vivienne also green juices daily, loves yoga, plays a mean piano and loves loves loves to write! She’s also a vegan, an aspiring cook and a wannabe cartoonist. She loves spending time with her amazing family and calls her mom every morning.

Lori Babcock, O.T., CEAS, PBE's Ergonomics Program Manager loves the problem solving that goes into helping someone become more comfortable when working. Often it is simple changes that will make all the difference! I also love showing people how changing their movement patterns, not only their equipment, can make them more comfortable and more productive. She lives in Sonoma County on the beautiful Russian River with her family. She enjoy kayaking in the summer and mushroom hunting in the winter. She also likes to zip line and has been skydiving!


Speaker: Thomas Voldrich

Thomas Voldrich

Area Vice President for JRB Studio (A Baker Manufacturing brand)

Knowing the difference between a height adjustable desk and a sit/stand desk is critical to supporting your associates and realizing the benefits inherent within. Adhering to ANSI BIFMA ergonomic standards and manufacturing to customer needs will be addressed to meet your needs in the office and beyond.

Speaker Bio:

Thomas brings 35 years of commercial contract furniture experience ranging from sales, dealer ownership and product design & development with a common thread of Ergonomics. He lives in Newport Beach, CA and is active in cycling, yoga, writing and discovering great live jazz music. Raised in Japan and Michigan, Thomas has traveled and lived in a variety of locations, including Santa Claus, IN in Christmas Lake Village on Prancer Lane.


Speaker: Eduardo Lorenzetti

Eduardo Lorenzetti

West Coast Regional Manager for Innovative Workspaces

A study of the development and customization of the Tambient Ergonomic Workstation. More info coming soon!

This workshop & luncheon is a complimentary presentation of Cal Ergonomics.

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