DIY Shelves to Help Solve Storage Problems

June 28, 2016

No matter what type of home you live or how you have chosen to decorate the interior, it seems that aesthetically pleasing storage space is always of limited supply. The luxury of having a place for all of your belongings in presentable and easily accessible fashion is something that many of us take for granted, so what happens when you've run out storage space elsewhere in the house and need a creative solution for storing and displaying various decor and other items around your home? One fun and efficient way of approaching storage problems is to take the do- it-yourself approach and tackle the project of making shelves for your home! Even if you are an amateur do-it-yourselfer and don't have a considerable amount of money to spend, the project of making your own shelves can be rather fun and easy with the right planning and attitude. This particular do-it-yourself project can also be very rewarding as it gives you the ability to add some character to your home that is unique to you. Below we have compiled a list of just a few of the various creative ways to design and create shelving storage for your home.

  1. Triangle shelves: These unique shelves create a distinct modern look, and can serve as a creative way for displaying small indoor plants or family photos. A few of the basic tools you will need to complete this project include: wood (pine wood looks nice), circular saw, miter box, sand paper, nails, nail gun, and wood glue. To build the triangle shelves, simply cut the wood the width you would like with the circular saw, and then use the miter box to cut the end of the piece at a 30-degree angle. Flip the piece to then measure how long you want the shelf, cut at 30-degree angle again, add glue to the end and glue pieces together and wait before nailing. Repeat the process with the third piece and sand when done. Hanging the shelf is easy, as the screw from the wall can fit into the corner of the triangle.
  2. Rustic wood shelves: This type of wood shelf offers a very distinct look and is rather straightforward when it comes to putting this shelf together. Typically, this DIY shelf is put together with metal brackets, reclaimed wood, drill, stud finder, and level. One can also opt for the wall anchors instead of the brackets. Also consider spray-painting the brackets for a more tailored look.
  3. Industrial shelves: The classic industrial feel can really make a room in a home stand out and has the potential to store just about anything you want. For this shelving project, you will need around seven steel nipples, the same amount of steel flanges, wood and your choice of stain. Industrial shelves are built much in the same way as are wooden shelves as previously listed, and always be sure to sure to keep the shelves level and screws anchored. In addition to this approach, there are a vast number of industrial shelving products from SVSEQ that could inspire you when it comes to choosing the best industrial shelving do-it-yourself project for your home.
  1. Hexagon shelves: A hexagon shelf is a truly memorable design and pops out in any room and is also relatively easy to construct. Similar to the way triangle shelves are built, except with 6 pieces of wood instead of 3, you will need to make 30 degree angle cuts on all the ends of the pieces, followed by gluing all those pieces together and waiting until that glue is dry before proceeding to nail the ends together as well.