Doors and Gates

September 20, 2021

There are several categories of doors and gates, for various applications. Here is a summarized list for the types of products we offer at SVS.

  • Curtains: Curtains are intended for business usage, specifically air and light are desirable. They open and close easily and the workspace a more open feel. The curtains are usually made of pvc, and have clear vu. 

  • Gates: Gates are used in high security situations. They are a wire partition system, Dutch of Sliding doors. These are used primarily when your warehouse is closed and you want to secure your points of entry.  

  • Mesh: Mesh is similar to curtains but often offer and easy open/close feature, again for daytime use when there can be a lot of in and out traffic in your warehouse. 

  • Vinyl: Vinyl works fell for air control, like for freezers, or other perishable products, yet still allow for easy access so the warehouse does not have to completely shut down with every entry.

  • Wire: Wire is for internal high security. You can see what is inside, but you will need key and authorization to get in.This works well for chemicals, valuable inventory, or even personal items. 

At SVS we are an industry leader in gates, doors, and lockers. We have a large selection to meet all your warehouse needs. 

Please contact us with any questions about our products.