Ergo Mat Tacky Mats

April 3, 2012

For years sticky mats have been a fixture at the entrances of laboratory and production facilities in pharmaceutical, medical, food processing and other technical environments. More and more, other manufacturing and commercial facilities are discovering their value as a simple component of an overall facility maintenance program. ergo tacky mats

Anywhere foot traffic transitions from a dirty environment to a clean one, sticky mats deliver value. When placed at the entrance to offices from a factory floor, sticky mats will remove most of the dirt and grime that is currently being carried in on the soles of shoes. Often for less than 50 cents a day! Let sticky mats work as part of your housekeeping and maintenance crew. You'll be amazed at how much dirt is carried around on the soles of shoes, and how much the appearance of your facility will improve. For more information on the ERGOMAT Sticky Mat, please contact SVS @ (800) 870-8827.