Event and Party Supplies

December 1, 2022

Office holiday party

Whether it be for the Holidays, your quaterly meeting, or a casual office gathering, Silicon Valley Shelving (SVS) has the supplies you need for a successful event. Catering supplies, beverage service, tables, chairs, cleaning supliess...SVS has a wide selection of event and party supplies

You can throw away the old cardboard boxes for your decorations. SVS has durable, stackable storage systems, boxes and bins for all your storage needs. For seated or dining-feature events, you can find a variety of tables. Placemats, dollies, candles, napkins for the table top? We have them in stock. 

SVS also offer a variety of plates and bowls for snacks, as well as an assortment of stemware, cups, pitchers and decantors. If you are featuring a buffet, SVS has warming pans and lids, as well as butane stoves. For hot or cold, we have covered. Microwaves and refrigerators are all in stock. 

Time to clean up? No problem. We have gloves, soap, detergents, and an assortment of related products. 

If you are not hosting an event, it might be time to replenish the break room. SVS also has a wide variety of breakroom supplies. 

And if you need a hand truck to move around your supplies, well, we have that too.