High Quality Workstations in Bay Area

January 21, 2016

Setting up an office in the Bay Area? SVS has some of the best office furniture that you can find. Some of the many fine products that SVS can offer you to make a conducive working environment, are high quality workstations.

Workstations and their importance in offices

A workstations is the area where an individual works in an office setup. It is where one's computer, and other equipment, tools, and supplies, that are needed for work are placed. Simply put, a work station is where one person really works. Workstations are very important in an office because it gives the employee an area he or she can call his or her own. Not only will he or she take ownership of the space, but he or she will also take ownership of his or her work. Furthermore, workstations provide privacy, thinking space, and would also provide security, especially if the workstations are equipped with drawers. Without individual workstations, employees would be sitting side by side on a long table, seeing everything that the other does, encouraging talking with each other all day, and restricting concentration. This would impede productivity. As you can now realize, a nice workstation would really be needed in an office for the mutual benefit of the employer and the employee. That is why you should get quality workstations from trusted providers like SVS.

SVS Bay Area Workstations

SVS is the place to go in Bay Area when it comes to office furniture, including workstations. Here are some of the products that SVS offers businesses when it comes to workstations.

  1. Versé Office Panels

The basics of workstations are the panels or the divisions that would provide boundaries to each workstation. The panels can be installed to be freestanding, or they can also be connected to each other. Panels comes in different dimensions in order to fit any office size.

  1. Versé Panel System Hanging Shelf

Hanging shelves can be used to store files, supplies, and other materials that are frequently used. These are quick to assemble and would not need tools to be installed. Our hanging shelves come in different dimensions to match different storage needs. Furthermore, our shelves have panels on the sides so that items won't slip or fall.

  1. Versé Connecting Hardware

With connecting hardware, you can now setup individual office panels so you can have the workstation that you want.

a. Quick Connect 180°

Connect office panels side-by-side with 180° of connecting hardware.

b. Quick Connect 90°

Create corners or divisions between workstations with 90° of connecting hardware.

c. Quick Connect Wall mount

Connect your office panels to walls with wall mounts.

d. T-Base Foot

Allow your office panels to stand on their own without being mounted to walls using T-base foot.

Build your workstations through SVS now

Your new workstation await you. Start building a conducive working environment for your business with top of the line workstations only through SVS, your best bet in the Bay Area for office furniture, material handling, and storage products. Call SVS now!