Lift Solutions

September 9, 2022


Our goal at Silicon Valley Shelving (SVS) is to help you make your office or warehouse space as efficient and ergonomic as possible. We offer solutions and products to help you design your ideal space and increase functionality and productivity in the workplace. 

When it comes to lifting and moving heavy objects or pallets, we offer a wide range of products to suit your needs. Here are a few categories of lifts and lifting equipment we offer.

Counterbalance Lifts

  • Use rear counterweights to offset the forward weight of the load 

  • Smaller than a fork lift so good for tight spaces

  • Drive lifts for maneuverability

  • A range of sizes 

  • Mobile floor cranes for overhead lifting

Dock Lifts

  • Primarily for off-loading trucks

  • Allow you to raise or lower platform to adjust to truck height

  • Portable

  • Cantilevered models available for extended reach

Pallet and Stacker Trucks

  • Powered or manual

  • Light to heavy duty

  • All terrain models available

  • Adjustable widths available

At SVS we also offer an extensive catalog of lift accessories, including the following:

Lift Accessories

  • Hoists

  • Dumpers

  • Hoppers

  • Hydraulic tables and benches

  • Magnetic lifts

  • Slings and tie downs

For a complete list of lifts and lifting products, please consult our online catalog

SVS has an expert team available to answer any questions, and guide you to the right product for your lifting job. Please contact us for more information.