Maximizing Space with Industrial Shelving

December 29, 2015


When we talk about warehouses, storages, backrooms, the first thing that pops in our minds is how big and spacious the area may be. Of course, our goal is to be able to contain as much items as we can, and as we may need. However, we can't always afford a lot of floor areas. Lots of square meters cost lots and lots of dollars. Don't fear though, for there are other ways to help keep your small area to still be quite spacious. With the proper industrial shelving, you can truly maximize your space.

Industrial Shelving: Heavy Duty Metal Shelving Unit Ideas

Here are some industrial shelving ideas that can help you maximize your storage space:

  1. Rivet Shelves are the staple of industrial shelving.

Rivet shelves work as your basic solution to your shelving needs. They are economical and are easy to assemble – usually not needing tools at all. Rivet shelves are also adjustable yet stable, so it can be used for a wide range of applications. Rivet shelves are very versatile so it is really the first choice for industrial shelving.

  1. Heavy duty storage cabinets or steel shelves are highly customizable.

If you have tough shelving needs, then steel shelves may be the right option for you. Steel shelves are highly durable and are also highly customizable so whatever you might need it for, you can have the right steel shelves for you. Steel shelves can be accessorized by dividers, doors, locks, bins, and lot more others that can suit your particular need. Though steel shelves can get a little pricier than rivet shelves, the former can really be tailored fit to your specific need.

  1. Rotating shelves or bins are great for small items.

Rotating bins or shelves are great for screws, bolts, nuts, and other small components and objects. Not only does it allow you to keep them nice and tidy, it would also allow you to see the item you need when you need it!

  1. Walkways can still be used as storage with mobile aisle shelving.

We really consider walking spaces as part of the floor plan. Combine all those aisles and you'll realize how much space can still be used for storage. That's where mobile aisle shelving work wonders. The concept of mobile aisle shelving is that you can move shelves to the point that you can create an aisle just where you need it, and all other spaces would be for storage.

In Conclusion

By now, you would have realized that the key to efficient space maximization is picking the right industrial shelving that is fit for the purpose it is intended to do. The right shelves can really make a huge difference so you should really consider getting the viewpoint of a trusted industrial shelving company to help you maximize your storage. So in order to increase your storage capacity, choose the right shelves to contain your items. SVS can help you in deciding the right shelving for you. Always remember, the right shelving is all it takes to increase your maximize your storage capacity to its fullest potential. Call SVS now and let's talk about maximizing your space!