Organize your Warehouse this March!

March 30, 2016


A well-organized warehouse can immediately improve the way your business operates, from seeing an increase in sales, to cutting costs related to employee labor, and reducing the potential for accidents caused by poor organization--a proficiently organized warehouse will dramatically influence the way you do business everyday. Additionally, organizing your warehouse is important when it comes to protecting all of your company's merchandise and other valuable materials. So if you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your business while maintaining and preserving the security of your product, consider how a well planned organizing system can get the job done for your business! Below are a handful of helpful ideas that will guide you through some of the basics involved in a successful warehouse cleaning:

  1. Make a plan: In terms of both when and how to do a warehouse-organizing project, it is important to map out some sort of plan that makes logistical sense for everyone involved. Whether it will be just the managerial staff doing the organizing, or if you have enlisted the help of several employees (either paid on the clock, or volunteered off the clock), you should create a rough schedule and set some basic goals before jumping into any sort of organization project.
  2. Clean and clear aisles, hallways, and other high-traffic areas: Clutter in and around areas and walkways which are frequently used by both employees and customers is extremely risky, and that is why smart organization for your warehouse is absolutely necessary if you want to remain successful and accident-free.
  3. Protect your products and employees with industrial shelving: Having the improper storage mechanisms can be very problematic for any business, because a faulty industrial shelving system is not only a safety hazard for your employees, but it also puts your merchandise in danger of being damaged or broken. Thus, it is essential for a well-organized and safe warehouse to be equipped with quality and professionally installed industrial shelving units.
  4. Take advantage of vertical storage space utilized with industrial shelving options: One of the best features associated with the use of industrial shelving in businesses and warehouses is the fact that merchandise and inventory can be safely stacked and stored vertically on top of each other, which virtually doubles the overall storage space of any warehouse when properly used.
  5. Utilize industrial shelving to make your warehouse more organized by arranging and grouping inventory together according to the rate at which they are used: Industrial shelving gives you the opportunity to organize and store product safely and efficiently, so all you need to do to optimize that potential is establishing a layout which makes the most sense according to which products move the fastest. Similarly, you can organize a similar scheme in terms of using industrial shelving in your warehouse for priority orders.
  6. Labeling and industrial shelving units allow you to identify overstock and unnecessary material: Not only will labeling the contents and rows of storage in your warehouse save you time and energy when filling orders, it will also save you money in terms of condensing all overstock and unused product.

Organize your warehouse this march and contact SVS today!