Organizing Your Warehouse

March 19, 2015

The majority of people have a hard time organizing everything, ranging from a desk to a car. But organization is especially hard if you manage your own warehouse. With a warehouse, it's important to remember its purpose is to help you organize space and make your work more efficient, instead of making it less so. It is essential to have an organized warehouse shelving for the most productive state possible, and to create a happy, simple environment. While it may seem like it is too late in the year to organize, it is not. The best way to solve the problem isn't by putting it off, but by solving it quickly. SVSEQ would like to provide some tips on the best way to organize your warehouse.

  • Start by clearing the aisles. Oftentimes boxes are shoved into aisles without much forethought, but make the job harder to accomplish. By clearing aisles you are clearing space for movement, clearing a safely hazard and organizing a lot of potential space. This also makes it easier to reach products on other shelves that have been previously organized correctly.
  • Profile and label your products. Clearly labeling inventory gives an easy way to sort into categories, then place items in the same category into the same aisles. Labeling aisles with category names is a great way to make searching easy and quick. You can either find a labeling guide online, or look to technology to help. Profiling inventory is also an excellent way to organize. Your most popular items most likely change often, so re-organize your warehouse at least once a year to keep up to date. This makes sure that most popular items are easier to get to, reducing the time it takes to locate products by bypassing less popular items. It's okay to reorganize, especially if it makes your employee's jobs easier. Profiling seems hard, until you remember the 20-80 rule. Organize the 20% of products that complete 80% of your orders together, and place them in an easily accessible place so workers can get to them quickly and more efficiently.
  • Recognize overstock. This goes right along with profiling. When an item sitting in your warehouse space isn't moving along, it may be time to move it out. While it may seem as if you're losing profit, in the long run it saves you more to clear up space for more in-demand products. You can take the opportunity to put these items on clearance, or sell them to another company if you feel that is your best option. If these options seem to have piled up beyond your reach, make sure the equipment being used isn't outdated.
  • Use vertical space! You can store more going up than out. Especially using reliable metal shelving! This can double up as an excellent space saver and organizer. SVSEQ offers many shelving options to be utilized in a way that creates maximum organization and ease. SVSEQ products are dependable storage units that will help organization. By using these shelves and increasing the vertical space opportunities, you create more overall space to store products instead of having to cluster all products together. This creates an effective working space while creating a great way to store your products, and makes your warehouse look and feel cleaner.

Remember to be patient when reorganizing your warehouse. It takes time and patience to clear our some of the mess that has been there for a while. With new, better organization, you prevent inefficiency and provide a better environment for yourself and your workers, and get the most of your space. SVSEQ Warehouse Shelving and Office Furniture has metal shelving that you can install at your own warehouse to help reorganize your stocks. Call us today!