Storage Solutions

October 31, 2022

storage boxes

If you are managing storage in your warehouse, you know all too well how a troublesome or disorganized corner can quickly turn into a large tangled mess. Poor storage can seriously interrupt work flow, impede productivity, generally become a hassle, and ultimately effect your bottom line. Nobody wants to sort through disorganized storage to find what they need. 

At Silicon Valley Shelving (SVS), we are an industry leader in storage solutions. We offer a vast inventory of storage solutions for your office and warehouse needs. Whatever your storage needs are, we have the right product for the job. 

Here are several common areas where storage can become an issue, and products that can help you manage and restructure your space.

Storage Containers and Boxes

It is imperative that your inventory be housed in containers or boxes that are clean, durable, and the right type for the job. Are you stacking boxes, are they on shelving or pallets, or are your products perishable? These are some of the basic questions that need to be answered. 

Floor Stacking

Most warehouse or businesses utilize some type of floor stacking. In this instance, it is a top priority that the box or container is the right size. This allows employees to stack and unstack inventory without risking injury while lifting. Also these types of containers should be durable so they don't wear out after repeated use. 

Shelving/Vertical Storage

At SVS, we specialize in shelving and vertical storage. These include:

  • Bin Storage

  • Boltless

  • Bulk Rack

  • Industrial

  • Mobile

  • Systems

These are just a few of the options and solutions we offer. Our selection can scale from small businesses to large warehouse operations. 

Mezzanine/Raised Area Stacking 

If you have a mezzanine area in your warehouse, you will need a practical and safe way to move inventory up and down. Talk with one of our storage experts about our selection of mezzanine racks, stairways, and lift options.

Whatever your storage needs, you can trust that SVS has the right solution for you. Since 1987, SVS has been a trusted leader in the industry, founded on the basic principal of offering the best products at competitive prices. 

Thank you for your interest in SVS. Please contact us with your questions.