SVS Installs Stunning Office Cubicles

November 5, 2012

Backstory: When a mortgage company in the Sacramento area needed to add additional employees to their existing office space they knew to call SVS for a solution. A new layout to add 12 new employees was designed by SVS staff and the mortgage company. Refurbished cubicles were installed for about half the cost of new and gave the company a stunning new place to work and could accommodate all of the new employees.  

Stunning Professional Office CubiclesProfessional Office Cubicles

SVS is the best partner for business if you are looking for well-designed and high quality cubicles for their offices. SVS can provide a layout that will inspire productivity, and at the same time maximize your office space to reach its fullest potential without looking too cramped up. If you are considering a non-conventional office design, then SVS can also help you with that. SVS can help you come up with a creative layout that will make your office a cool place to work in.

High quality office furniture for your office

SVS will use high quality office furniture in your office project. SVS is home to quality bookcases, bridges, carts, casters, chairs, CPU holders, credenzas, desks, file cabinets, hutches accessories, keyboard trays, reception counters, storage cabinets, shredders, partitions and panels, bulletin boards and many other office furniture. You are guaranteed to get only the best office furniture that will serve you well.

More than two decades of office space optimization experience for your utility

By trusting SVS for your office project, you are putting your faith in good hands. You can expect only the best results from SVS. SVS has helped business optimize their office space for more than twenty years. SVS has worked on every area of offices and facilities, improving productivity and helping clients make the most of out their office space, as well as organize their facilities.

Call SVS now for your office project

SVS is excited to be of service. Call us now and let's get started on optimizing your office space. SVS can make your office the best workplace that it can be. Just call us at (800) 870-8827 or email us at and we will gladly be of assistance. A great office geared for maximum productivity awaits you only through SVS. Call us now and let's get to work!