May 18, 2022

wire cage

Strong & Secure

WireCrafters welded mesh locker construction is strong and secure, and gives installers more flexibility to custom fit and professionally finish storage areas, while eliminating clutter and efficiently utilizing available space. 

Single or Double Tier

Single-tier, walk-in style locker are perfect for storing tenant's out-of-season belongings. Double-tier lockers are ideal for build-ins with limited space but a large number of residents. 

Advantages of WireCrafters Tenant Storage

  • Save Money - Recoup the project cost in under 12 months by renting storage lockers to tenants at typical rates. 

  • Eliminate clutter and allow for proper aisle space throughout common storage areas. 

At SVSEQ, we carry a wide selection of wire storage products. Please contact one of our expert consultants to discuss the best solution for your business. 

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Photo Credit: Wire Crafters