The True Cost of Ownership - Go Beyond Price When Investing in Storage Solutions

May 23, 2017

The quality of a product or service has considerable impact on the overall cost of ownership. Repairs, maintenance or replacement cost will add to the overall cost. At the same time, the quality and fit of a product may also impact on its life span. A higher quality product may last longer than a lower quality alternative, and so the purchase price will be spread over more years.

We all know that you get what you pay for, but too often we rationalize investing in lower quality storage products because they’re good enough to help clean up today’s mess and are easy on the budget. We fail to factor in total cost of ownership - money and time - that should be included when making a purchase decision.

Is This Scenario Familiar?

Let’s consider the case of Tom, the maintenance buyer at ABC Manufacturing Company, yep, a fictional character and company used to illustrate an ever so common scenario. Tom recently purchased a set of tools for a new hire electrician and needs a secure place to store them. He naturally turns to a variety catalog or searches the internet. He finds several options ranging from $200 to $1,200. He considers the $1,200 and a $500 option seriously enough to ask the opinion of his MRO supplier. The supplier replies that he will help Tom with whatever he wants, but thinks the $1,200 unit is a bargain.

Shocked, Tom says, “That’s 3 times the price! How can I justify that to purchasing? Our budget is tight after buying the electrician’s tools. The finance manager will go screaming to my boss that we’re wasting money.”

The salesperson replied, “How much is it going to cost you to replace the inexpensive cabinet when it starts to breakdown? In two years, you will likely need a new one. Your guys destroy everything they touch!”

Tom laughed, “My guys are really hard on things aren’t they. I hadn’t thought of it that way.”

A storage Solution with Longevity

Let’s throw away our throwaway culture and invest in rugged, American Made quality and durability. That’s what we believe at Strong Hold Products, where storage and workspace solutions are designed and manufactured with the application and total cost of ownership in mind.

Call us crazy but Strong Hold Products are backed by a 99 Year Warranty. Yep, we’re able to do this because everything is constructed of meaty 12-gauge steel and meticulously assembled and welded by skilled craftsmen for fit and function. All products are fully assembled and ready for action before leaving our facility saving you both time and money.

From thousands upon thousands of doors slams and fork truck shenanigans to slam dunking tools onto the shelves at the end of a long shift, Strong Hold Products will never let you down. Our cabinets, shop tables, shop desks, and tool carts can be dropped, smashed, set on fire, and ran over. So, the next time you need to get organized, invest in quality. SVS is your local supplier for Stronghold products so give us a call to have one of our specialists come out to your facility today.