Tips on Choosing Good Office Furniture

March 3, 2015

A workspace can make or break your day, and taking the steps to choose perfect office furniture is the first step for an enjoyable experience in your office. Fortunately, there are easy ways to choose furniture to brighten your mood and improve work efficiency.

  • First, examine the environment you'll be working in. Consider locations of daily occurrences such as windows and doors. Then, make a list of needs in the office. These can be printers, computers, faxing machines, etc. You will need a desk that supports everything you must have.When choosing your furniture, make sure you keep not only your personal preferences, but also your work habits in mind. If you tend to be a tad messy then you will need a bit more room than neater coworkers. If you are aware of being somewhat disorganized, pick a desk with a good amount of space for everything you need. If you're neater, you can choose a smaller desk space you feel would be sufficient for your work and must haves. Plenty of space is preferred, so your work can be spread out and still be organized, especially when paperwork piles up. Your desk should be a place you feel comfortable working from.
  • Always account for files and supplies. If you have a lot of paperwork that must be kept, make sure you have a designated, organized space for all essential papers. This makes working more efficient and timely, and over-all easier for you. If everything has its place, you won't have to worry about searching for the important paper that was just on your desk.Choosing desks with drawers and getting filing folders can also be efficient, especially since desk drawers will always be right next to your workspace. Make sure everything you need is close and comfortable, without crowding the desk space. If you consistently use a computer, make sure your keyboard is at a comfortable space to prevent muscle pains. The desk should have a keyboard pad or legs that adjust.
  • Another important choice is your personal style. Make sure you choose furniture you like looking at, as you will be working with it. For a modern look, choose steel and glass desks with a sleek chair. Metal shelves and steel are popular and very durable choices that will last awhile and through wear and tear. If you prefer more traditional looking offices, aim for wooden pieces with a more antique looking chair. Wood and veneer are the most popular choices (veneer being a thin layer of wood attached to a base), but tend to nick more and be fragile.Also keep in mind the quality of desks specifically, as they are the primary resource in your work. Drawers should open and close easily (while bearing weight), and there should be not gap between metal drawers and desk.

If you remember necessities and your own preferences, you can successfully choose the perfect office furniture for yourself. Don't forget that SVSEQ not only offers material handling and storage products, we also offer a full line of office furniture, which includes, bookcases, bridges, carts, casters, chairs, CPU holders, credenzas, desks, file cabinets, hutches accessories, keyboard trays, reception counters, storage cabinets, shredders, bulletin boards and more! Call us today to find out how we can help you organize your workspace!