Ways to Reduce Warehouse Labor Costs

April 26, 2016


For those of us who work at or manage a warehouse with a large inventory, the issue that continues to come up is that of labor costs and the possible ways in which to reduce them without sacrificing efficiency and results. While it is virtually impossible to eliminate all excess labor costs, there are several strategies and ideas, which you can implement immediately to help significantly reduce warehouse labor costs. Take a look at the following suggestions to give you an idea of how smart choices and logistics, like quality industrial shelving and other storage solutions, can help optimize the efficiency of your warehouse while cutting back on unnecessary labor costs.

  1. Avoid unnecessary hiring by constantly maintaining the knowledge of your employees by updating their training and understanding of procedures: The employees that help run your business are one of the most important investments you make in your company, and that is why it is essential to create an environment that has the most potential for their overall success, productivity, and safety. One way to help ensure this is by committing to a consistent and comprehensive training schedule that routinely updates and refreshes the overall understanding of daily warehouse operations and safety procedures for every employee working at your business.
  2. Listen to your employees and keep communication lines open: It is difficult to overstate just how important honest communication amongst employees and management is to a successful company, perhaps even more so when it comes to working in a warehouse, due to the fact that there is so much activity going on with a lot of merchandise moving around. Keep in mind that your employees already know a lot about the inns and outs of how the warehouse operates from a labor standpoint, so if they have suggestions or ideas they think will make their jobs more efficient, it is essential for you to listen to those ideas!
  3. Maximize the potential of your warehouse with the proper equipment: Whether you are storing inventory with a forklift on a large industrial shelving unit, or organizing your warehouse with automated technology, your business and the employees working for you need to be equipped with the best and most appropriate equipment if you wish to optimize your warehouse to its full potential and maintain safety standards. By investing in the proper equipment and industrial shelving units for your warehouse, not only are you helping to ensure the safety of your valued employees, but you are also helping to improve the overall efficiency of your business and productivity of your workers.
  1. Dependable storage translates into reduced labor: If your employees are constantly spending their time dealing with the consequences of weak storage components then you are wasting valuable labor and dollars on something that is preventable. With a dependable and durable industrial shelving structure, warehouse employees will spend much less time trying to find solutions for storing inventory because an industrial shelving unit takes care of the problem!

When it comes to maintaining an efficient warehouse that won't gouge you in labor costs, one of the best investments you can make for your business is without question, an industrial shelving unit. SVS is the place for all your industrial shelving unit needs, give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you reduce labor costs!