What is SVS Bay Area Shelving About?

January 28, 2016

When it comes to functional yet affordable solutions for office spaces and warehouses, the Bay Area shelving supplier, SVS, has been leading the Northern California Industrial Shelving business for over 20 years.

The Leading Bay Area Shelving Business

Silicon Valley Shelving can enhance the efficiency of your business by dramatically improving the way your warehouse, office, laboratory, or data-center is organized, simply by implementing some of solutions offered at SVS. Just consider how a cluttered and disorganized workspace can negatively impact the speed and efficiency of your employees, whether they are conscious of it or not, an improperly organized office makes it harder to get any job done.

Similarly, if you can improve the efficiency of your workspace by improving how well organized it is, the day to day productivity of your employees will increase as a result as well. So let SVS help provide your business with solutions to the organization-problem with a variety of industrial shelving and high-quality office furniture options, which will increase the efficiency of your workspace, and thus your workers!

First and foremost, SVS has the expert salespeople you know you can trust because they have been in the Bay Area shelving industry since 1987, and have been providing customers with the expertise that allows them to select only the best industrial material handling and office furniture products for their business. SVS has the top of the line solutions in organization that can assist you and your business throughout the process of improving how your space is systematically arranged; from industrial warehouse equipment, office furniture, lab furniture and equipment, to workbenches, lockers, and security cages, SVS is the Bay Area shelving expert to choose for all these needs and more!

With professional salespeople who can guide you every step of the way, SVS seeks to make the process of maximizing the efficiency of your office space a high-quality yet affordable experience, and that is why for over 20 years, Silicon Valley Shelving has helped our customers in the process of optimizing the space of their facilities through improved organization solutions. In addition to offering the highest quality Bay Area shelving and office furniture solutions for the organizing requirements of your warehouse or office, SVS also provides other helpful services for your business, services which are related to: planning and design, acquisition of permits, layout and engineering, seismic engineering, as well as delivery and installation.

SVS even has a wide variety of office furniture available for shipment and delivery within 24-48 hours of being purchased. So why not let the knowledgeable and helpful sales force at SVS show you just how much of an impact the products and solutions at SVS can have when it comes to optimizing the space of your office or facility. For a closer look at some of the additional Bay Area shelving options offered by SVS, go online today and check out the work of SVS for yourself!