Why SVSEQ is the Best Option for Organizing your Warehouse

April 15, 2015

SVSEQ is an excellent option to look at when considering Bay Area shelving for many reasons. We have been founded on the same basic principles since we began in 1987; the principles of saving our clients money, space and process time by making our knowledgeable inside and outside sales forces available to you.

We strive to provide you with high quality products, and to provide you with the right products that will fit your unique situation. We want to make sure you can maximize the amount of productivity in your business, and that all products are sound and efficient, and up to your standards. Silicon Valley Shelving, Inc. Bay Area Shelving aims to provide well-priced products with the best possible quality for your warehouse, laboratory, or office needs. We offer many items including industrial warehouse equipment, office furniture, workbenches, security cages, lockers, and so much more! SVSEQ is always available online or via phone for your convenience. We also offer additional services, understanding the need to have a functional yet affordable space for offices and warehouses.

We saw when we began that there was a need for material handling, storage products, industrial shelving (specifically within the bay area), and furniture within businesses. Not only do offices need equipment but also assistance with project planning, relocation, disassembly and re-assembly. SVSEQ assists in all these ways.

We help with planning and design. Specializing in industrial shelving; permit acquisition, because we know how hard it is to acquire a permit; layout and engineering, to help utilize your space for maximum efficiency, especially with our many industrial shelving options; and many more conveniences. Because Silicon Valley Shelving, Inc. believes in quality and dependability, you can be sure to find products from reputable manufacturers at ever-competitive prices for all of your needs, ranging from our quality shelving to office furniture.

We have the materials you need, at the price you want. We also have many options within our materials. As a business manager, you know a messy, unorganized workspace is inefficient for your clients and workers. SVSEQ can and will help you make that unproductive space into the most efficient workplace possible. SVS Industrial Bay Area Shelving supplier provides you warehouse solutions as well as office, laboratory, and more! Day to day productivity will be the best it can be when you trust SVSEQ with your space.

All of our prices are reasonable, with an experienced sales team working behind the scenes to make sure you get the best value available to you. We work hard for you and with you to make sure your employees are happy and productive at work, from all aspects of the company. As the main Bay Area shelving supplier, we have over 20 years experience that will be working for you when you choose us.

We strive to help you get the most out of your business, and only our products can do it! With our many products and other services all aimed at making your company the best it can be, there is no doubt when choosing SVSEQ. Call us today!