Work Station Options

November 29, 2022

standing desk

Out of all activities, except for sleep, we typically spend the most time at work. The hours add up, and so can the effects of have an uncomfortable workstation. Poor posture, back aches, tendonitis, tight shoulders, etc. are all associated with workstations that are not ergonomic

Good alignment, comfort, and proper seating equate to happier workers. Happier workers are more productive. It is a win-win situation for employees and employers to have up-to-date, ergonomically correct workstations. 

Silicon Valley Shelving (SVS) is an industry leader in office supplies.  We specialize in solutions for your office and workstation. Listed here are a few products and product categories that can help boost productivity in your office. 

Mobile Workstations

  • No need to clear space on the packing table in the warehouse. You can set up a mobile workstation and easily wheel your office essentials on location and get the job done. 

Sit-Stand Stations

  • Keep your space dynamic by using a sit-stand work station. There is no need to sit in the same position all day, which can lead to chronic health issues. With a sit stand station you can raise and lower your table, or stand to suit your needs. 

Chairs and Stools

  • Uncomfortable seating can be a major distraction from work. As the hours wear on, your body can become increasingly fatigued, and the little adjustments you make to alleviate the aches can lead to bad posture habits that are difficult to remedy. about the latest ergonomic, fully adjustable chair or stool? Check out our selection